People often ask us Why we do all of these cool things for our customers.  The answer's simple. 

We're passionate about saving the world's health and just about fearless enough to do that. 

We knew to begin with our small circle of two and expand.  We did that.  Please help us.

We know that life is costly, and that disease is far more expensive.  We know that every time someone perishes, the world loses nearly all of their life's knowledge and experiences.  That's more than a tragedy.  Life is too precious to waste like that.  We want Health to be Easy and Inexpensive.

My father quoted Horace Mann to me when I was about to enter manhood.  "A man should be ashamed to die until he has won some victory for humanity."

I figure we're saving around 11-14 folks'
lives every day by now, on six continents  I am not ashamed. 

However, we have so much more to finish.  Please help us by sharing the word.  Begin with you.

Health is easy.  One merely has to know its secrets.

Most of the secrets involve What We Eat.

So we market the Best Food Supplements Available.

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              Besides savings, FLEXI-ship has other

 o   Receive your orders automatically, on YOUR schedule.
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 o   Go on vacation or cancel anytime.  Just call or write.
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 o   Discounted and Free, Books and CDs by
      Dr. Wallach, Master Nutritionist WD Mitchell and others.
  o     Backed by our   PERSONAL 100% 
                              FOREVER GUARANTEE

Please note that you can still get Auto-Ship and Free shipping from Youngevity.  It has a few drawbacks, and frankly, you save money without it.

1.   Exactly One $50+ shipment per month.  No more, no less.
2.   Free shipping begins on the SECOND order, not the first.
3.   You PAY sales tax even though your order is via the free Internet.
4.   No ability to ship every 3 weeks or 6 weeks, etc.  You end up with extra on hand.
5.   No ability to get multiple shipments, like one item every 2 weeks and another in 5.
6.   Tough to cancel, although it's possible. It takes a written letter or fax and 10 days..
7.   You do get free shipping, but you Pay
Sales Tax.  No exceptions.
8.   Changes are possible but difficult, and you only get about one a month.
9.   No returns, or you're banned from autoship for an entire year.
10. You pay an 8% restocking fee.
11. You pay all return shipipng at expensive UPS or USPS rates.
12. No discounts, no bonuses, no perks.
13. Guarantee for 30 days only.  No questions asked but they ban you from Autoship if you have to return anything..

We love Youngevity and they us.  We've tried for years to get Youngevity to change but they can't.  They have a tough contract with some 3rd party.

So we administer FLEXI-Ship personally, in-house.  No charge, only benefits to you.

P.S.  Youngevity doesn't fund FLEXI-Ship.  We have to fund it ourselves. 
We do it gladly.  It's for you.

EXTRA BONUSES.  Zero Cost to You.
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